4 Ways To Earn Extra Money Every Month

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Tips 02/01/2018 11:25am
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Everyone wants to increase their income so that they can have enough cash on hand for emergencies, get off their debt sooner, to improve lifestyle and increase their savings. Some may also want to increase their income to achieve personal goals such as buy a new car, house, take a vacation or save for retirement. There are various ways to increase your income temporarily. But it would be great if you could make such cash flow options sustainable permanently.

Below you can find four ways that will let you earn extra income every month.

Rent Out Your Home

Yes, you have heard it right! You can easily make extra money by renting out your home. If you extra room and you are fine with sharing your home with strangers then you can consider renting it out and earn extra money.  You can also put your home up for rent whenever you are away for the holidays. With the extra cash you earn by renting you can easily cover costs related to mortgage and property taxes so that you can free up your budget for your vacation.

There are a few tasks that you need to work on to make your home appealing to renters. They are-

  • Pack up your personal belongings to declutter your home, store valuables in a safe place or in a locked closet.
  • To give your home a deep cleaning, hire a professional cleaning service.
  • Check the quality of your towels and linens.
  • Provide detailed and accurate description and photos.
  • Consider the holiday pitfalls. Therefore, ask a neighbor or friend to take care of if there is any problem when you are away.
  • Fix everything before you put your home up for rent.
  • To find out the appropriate price of your home you can use the various online pricing tools.

Lastly check the type of property insurance that the rental service provides. If you are not happy with what they offer then you can consider buying commercial property insurance coverage.

Start Freelancing On The Side

Another great way to earn extra money every month is to start freelancing. Utilize the passion and skills that you have to offer services to others who need then. The best thing about freelancing is that you have complete control over your working hours as well as your workload. Suppose you are in need of extra cash in a particular month, you can take up extra work and if in another month you need a break, you can avoid accepting new work. There are several companies, ranging from small to large businesses that hire freelancers to cut down cost. Depending on your skills you can consider freelance teaching jobs, consulting jobs and so on.

Make Money With Your Car      

Cost of driving your car can be costly. But how about using your car to pay for gas, repair and insurance itself?  There are several things that you can do to earn extra money by simply using your car. If you have a van or MPVs you can turn it into a commercial carrier. But before you take such step it is important that you make the necessary changes in your vehicle’s insurance policy. You can also rent out your car or run a taxi service. If you have planned a trip and you have empty seats in your car, you can list your ride on various websites where travelers going down the same route can share the ride with you and pay you for it.

Get A Cash Back Credit Card

There are different types of cards available today. Check for the one that will pay you for the money that you spend on your household expenses. Such cash back credit cards are perfect if you charge all your purchases with it. You can then collect the cash back received with every statement. This sort of income falls under the passive category as you do not need to invest any additional time or effort. All you will need to do is stick to your regular spending routine and pay using only the card.  Make sure you compare and shop around so that you can find the right credit card that meets your needs and charges nor very low annual fee.