About Us

We are an experienced and professional loan arranger that serves borrowers across the country.

Our expertise lies in the ability to arrange cash for borrowers of every type. We work in close association with a number of lenders. Our lenders have a strong base and do their business of lending money sincerely.

They are not interested in fleecing borrowers of their hard earned money. That is why all of our borrowers enjoy an emotionally satisfying experience with them.

Credit check is an uncomfortable truth for most borrowers. We receive queries from individuals enquiring if we conduct credit checking. The answer is - it solely depends on the lender. Our lender panel has lenders who have cash and would not mind lending it to a bankrupt or an insolvent.

Still, there are some lenders, who make credit check mandatory. As a borrower, we can assure you that despite having a poor credit score, you will find a good loan through us.

All our loans are free from usage bindings. We never dictate usage conditions to our borrowers. Even our lenders are so compassionate that they would not enquire about your loan spending.

In fact, as per feedback, we are now aware that our loans are being used for every kind of expense including the ones that areinformal in nature like loans that people have borrowed from their friends or colleagues.

We at Payday Pool are proud of our advanced application procedure that lets you make application right from your living room. Moreover, the application form is very easy to attempt.

Only consisting of essential questions, most of our borrowers complete the form and send it to us within 3-4 minutes.

Our application procedure is paperless entirely. You need not stay close to a fax machine while filing the application form, as we will never ask you to send your documents to us.

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