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Payday Pool Has the Solution to Your Cash Problems

Go through the Frequently Asked Questions that are commonly asked by our satisfied clients.

These questions take you through our services; you can also go through how does it work page to see how easy it is to avail cash assistance through us.

The online application process does not take more than a few minutes; still you should go through Eligibility to check whether you are eligible to avail our services before you finally chose to Apply Online.

Should you have any further question, please send us your query through our contact us page; we aim to respond to all queries as fast as possible

Why Payday Pool?

Payday Pool helps you avail cash assistance form the convenience of your home office or any other place, anytime. There are many more reasons why we have so many satisfied clients spread all over today. Few of the reasons are:

  • Payday Pool has expert advisors that understands your unique and urgent cash needs
  • Simple and easy Online Application Process
  • Fast processing and offer
  • Same day assistance possible
  • No hidden charge, No hidden fee
  • Professional and experienced panel of lenders

Why should I rely on Payday Pool?

We are the most compassionate loan arrangers, who work for helping the borrowers monetarily without causing any sort of embarrassment or delay. We are your most reliable friends when you need cash out of turn.

What for can I use Payday Loans?

Payday loans are small amount and short term cash assistance that are used for unplanned and uncertain expenses.

If you are looking for cash assistance of a small amount –usually up to AU$1000, a payday loan is for you. You can use it for many different reasons. You can use the money for any sort of necessity as long as it is a small one.

For instance, for payment of utility bills, credit card bills, bridging a deficit for vacation costs, reasonably priced gift, an outing over the weekend, etc. Here are a few common reasons why borrowers come to us to borrow payday loans:

  • Their car has broken down and repairing would take a few hundred pounds
  • They have an electricity bill due and need to clear to avoid inconvenience in availing uninterrupted service
  • Someone in the family is ill and need a few hundred pounds to see the doctor and buying medicines.
  • They need cash assistance for that important and much delayed get together of close group of friends.

Is there any Restriction on the Usage of Payday Loan?

Absolutely no; usage of the loan is completely up to you. No compulsion exists regarding the choice of expenses. Moreover, you are not needed to provide us with any explanation regarding your intended usage of the cash.

How much money can I borrow?

We help you get short term loans that remain between AU$100 and AU$1500.

Can I Use Payday Loan for Long Term or Large Amount Needs?

No; you should never. Please understand that payday loan is not appropriate for a big expenditure like buying a house. However, a payday loan is not for long term financial assistance. If you are overburdened with debt of huge amount, you should immediately get a financial counseling.

Who are eligible for Payday Loans?

Any Australian resident, who is above 18 years old, having a regular incomeis qualified to apply for payday loans.

How much does it cost for making an application?

We do not charge any fee to the borrowers. However we have a panel of lenders. Some of the lenders might charge you a loan application fee. However since our lenders are experienced and professional, they clearly mention the fee and there is no hidden charge.

Tell me about the repayment aspect of the loan

You need not suffer any sort of anxiety regarding repayment. We work with very considerate lenders, who offer flexible repayment options to our clients.

You will get 14-30 days for returning the money. The rate of interest will be very friendly and the option of paying back in instalments will work in your favour.

Repayment of the borrowed cash also depends upon the frequency of your pay that means repayment depends upon whether you get paid monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Repayment amount is based on the amount of the loan you have borrowed, the number of payments which in turn depends on your frequency of pay. You should mention the loan amount on the Online Loan Application Form.

Do I need to visit your office?

Not at all; we know how busy you are. That is why we have made our presence online. You can reach us and apply through our website.

Can you please explain the application procedure?

It is the simplest and the quickest one. On our Apply Now page, you can locate the application form. It is easy to understand and does not require more than a few minutes to complete.

Fill it up with your accurate details and then, click Submit. No downloading is needed. The form will reach us within a few seconds. We, at Payday Pool will start processing the loan requests instantly.

Can I apply during the weekends?

Yes, sure. We don't have days or hours off. We are there for you round the clock. Therefore, whether you need monetary support at midnight or on Sundays, it does not make any difference to us. The form is available all the time. You can submit it any day, any hour.

How will I get access to the borrowed money?

You need not worry about it at all. Soon after approval, the lender will transfer the cash to your account. You can withdraw it whenever you like.

Do you have any security system to protect borrowers' information?

We use advanced software for protecting the borrowers' data. Our IT staff has well-trained software professionals, who are on a 24-hour vigil on our portal. Hence, you can share your data safely with us.

How can I convey my views, suggestions or complaints to you?

You can send us your feedback and complaints by using the Contact us form provided on our website.

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