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Warning about borrowing

Fast Cash Help, Anytime Anywhere

With Payday Pool, you can avail AU$100 AU$1000 for any of your cash obligations; whatever cash needs you have, you can avail cash assistance anytime! The only requirement is that you have a steady source of income and you accept to repay the loan on your next payday. If you get paid weekly or every fifteen days, you should undertake to repay the loan within the next two days of your payday! Need assistance fast? Apply Now!

Applying for loan

It hardly takes few minutes to Apply Online Today!

Do you want to know whether you qualify for a payday loan through Payday Pool?

If yes, you should check the eligibility conditions. Once you qualify, it hardly takes any time to apply for the loan. Just by providing some simple and basic information, you can complete the application process and wait to hear from us…!!!

You can avail cash loans from AU$100 to AU$1000 that are wire transferred to your account once your request for loan is approved. This practically means no need to visit lenders office to submit application or receive cheque. You get cash in hand in the most convenient and fast manner. Our panel of lenders is highly professional and therefore charge only a reasonable APR. They work on just one principle- Affordable and Suitable Loan.

Terms and Conditions apply – subject to verification, suitability and affordability.

The Process of applying for the loan!

Hassle free and convenient application process

The process of applying for the payday loans requires practically the least efforts from you. You just need to fill the application form available on the Apply Now page and send it to us.

The application is filled up and processed completely online. In fact most of the screening process is also done online to save lenders as well as yours time.

It is therefore a majority of our borrowers hear from us within a few hours from the submission of application. Therefore, we Payday Pool encourage you to apply with us when you need cash for an urgent bill payment.


What Makes Your Eligible for Our Assistance?

To meet the eligibility conditions of our lenders, you must have a regular income source. It does not matter whether you are paid on monthly fortnightly or weekly basis. You should also be above eighteen years. Simple criteria make our loans very attractive.

Barrier free Borrowing service!

Our motto is to help every individual that sends application to us. We start working on the applications as soon as they reach us. Hence, you need not fear any partiality.

It is true that borrowers with poor financial conditions may have to wait longer than those who are better. Nevertheless, the waiting period is never so long that you will be disappointed with us.

We would like to request all our borrowers to pay attention to certain points while making application. You should fill the entire form, as every question asked is important.

Furthermore, we would like you to read our FAQs and Privacy Policy well so that you understand our way of working.

Accepting Your Loan Offer

Do you know that once your loan application is processed and approved lender's make a loan offer?
So what's in store for you?

You can provide your consent or acceptance online itself to the loan offer made by the lender; there is no need to sign any document and fax back to lender to show your confirmation.

Caution! Whenever loan offer is made to you, you are requested to go through the terms and conditions of the loan agreement online. It is also your responsibility to be clear about each and every terms when you borrow money!

However the contracts get completed and become biding only when all background checks have been completed and have been confirmed to you through e mail or by transferring loan money into your bank account.

Assessment of your financial status

With prior assessment loans become affordable for you

Affordability is the most important factor in borrowing cash assistance from lenders. Therefore one of the important responsibilities of lenders includesassessing the financial condition of the borrower; especially whether the amount to be borrowed would be affordable for the borrower or not.

This responsibility becomes even more necessary for first-time borrowers. Hence, our lenders may ask the borrowers to present his bank statements.

Still, as we are associated with many a flexible lender, not all borrowers are required to show their bank statements. You need not worry about anything while sharing such details with us.

We always make sure that everything you share with us remains confidential. In this regard, we take all the necessary steps. Kindly follow the instructions provided by our representative and stay assured that you online privacy will be respected.

Getting the cash!

Once the lender has completed your financial assessment, the approved amount of money is transferred to your account online within 1 business day in most of the cases.

The transfer of funds is always conducted on a fast track. Most of our lenders are quick in approving funds and transferring them to the borrower's account in the quickest manner. Consequently, you can trust this cash assistance when you need to make payments immediately.

The speed of cash transfer also depends on who you bank with. Because few banks take more time to clear the transfer of fund than others.

Once the cash is transferred, you will be informed; after which you can straight away use the cash the way you want. The time required for the transfer of cash also depends on your bank. Some banks clear funds quickly while others take time.

So do you want to check how fast cash can reach you through us? Apply Online through Payday Pool!

Complete the deal: Repay the loan

Repaying the loan completes the entire process! Wait!

Before proceeding, find out the cost of borrowing the loan to arrive at the amount that you have to repay. This makes it easier for you to plan timely repayment of your loan. This also enhances your credit profile.

After all we also believe in making the entire process transparent. Our lenders do not ask for any hidden charges or fee for you to worry. Repayment of the loan is an automatic process. You need not make any effort for that. On the day of repayment, the entire amount repayable as the loan will be deducted from your bank account.

Our representatives will clearly inform you about the repayment amount so that you can make sure that your account has that much amount. In case, you realize repayment amount will be unavailable in the account, you should immediately inform the lender. He would suggest a way out accordingly.

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