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Need cash assistance for better future? Wish to take your family on a small vacation? Wait no more.

Our payday loans are right here for you, which can empower you to make your family happier. The loans come from established lenders, which ensure that the borrower is treated well.

In fact, most borrowers prefer to apply for the loans when they know they have to make a quick payment.

Your poor credit score should never act as a deterrent. We have expertise and knowledge for arranging cash for even for the worst credit scorer. Therefore, no matter what your credit report says, we would like to have you as our borrower.

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Common Questions about Payday Loans

In this page you can find some of the common queries that you may have about payday loans.


Payday loans can be applied whenever you are in need of small amount of cash for short term. This loan will provide you the financial support you are urgently in need of until you receive your next paycheck. Taking care of all your small unplanned expenses can be absolutely easy!

Why Are Payday Loans So Popular

There are number of reasons behind the growth of payday lending.

  • Unlike bank loans, you do not have to waste time or visit the lender to get a payday loan.
  • They are easy to apply for.
  • Never tie you down to a loan term contract.
  • There is also no collateral required to be pledged against the borrowed money.
  • Approval is easy and provided to anyone who applies, which is subject to credit and affordability assessments.

Reasons to borrow

ome of the reasons to borrow a payday loan are-

  • You cannot qualify for a bank loan
  • Need quick cash help to pay for urgent expenses
  • You do not have to go through hard credit checks to qualify
  • No collateral is required
  • You will be out of debt within a short term

How much can I borrow?

Usually, an amount ranging from AU$100 and AU$1,000 can be borrowed. However, not all lenders will be able to provide the maximum amount and you cannot prefigure what amount you will actually be approved for. Some of the factors that can influence the final loan amount include your current income, credit history, and level of outstanding debt.

Interest Rate and Fees

Since we are not a lender we cannot confirm about the exact rates and fees that a lender will charge. All terms and conditions will be determined by the lender and they will approve each loan based on their own requirements and standards. Typically, in Australia a fee cap of 24% per $100 borrowed is charged for a payday loan amount up to $2,000.

How do I pay back the loan?

When obtaining a payday loan you are generally required to provide a post-dated check or provide authorization to the lender for an electronic debit of the loan amount from your account. Do read your loan documents carefully to know exactly how repayment works. Also make sure you have enough cash for repayment in your bank account to avoid getting into any sort of financial trouble.

Loan Extensions

By extending the term of any short term loan deal, you could easily end up getting trapped in a spiral of debt. When a borrower opts for loan extension, the amount owed continues to accrue interest charges and make repayment more difficult. Legislation in Australia prohibits this practice and henceforth short term lenders are required to provide information to consumers about other financial resources so that they can meet their cash needs.

What Happens If I Can't Repay My Loan?

If you are unable to repay your loan you should first contact your lender and try to explain your situation so that you can negotiate your payment terms to avoid having your loan send to collections and from appearing in court. Such actions taken against you will negatively impact your credit and get you into financial jeopardy. Thus, consider a short term loan as a last resort and only for true financial emergencies. Also, carefully review the terms of the loan, ask questions if you have any concerns and research the reputation of the lender.

Am I Eligible For A Payday Loan If

I Am Retired

Even if you are retired it is important to know that there are some financial options out there. Anyone who receives a regular pension can apply for a payday loan. Approval decisions are completely up to the lenders. So, if a lender thinks the credit will be suitable for you and you can afford timely repayment, your payday loan application shall be accepted.

I Receive Centrelink payments as income

Yes, you can qualify for a payday loan if you receive Centrelink payments as income. But you need to make sure the loan does not exceed 20% of your income. If they do, you shall not qualify for a loan.

Any questions?

Please get all of your questions answered at the FAQs section. For any unanswered question, please use the Contact Us form. Our representative will personally reply to you.

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