Privacy Policy

Warning about borrowing

Personal Information: Safe and Secure

Our loan-arranging system is totally in favour of protecting the privacy of our borrowers. We have devised a very strong privacy policy for making the identities of the borrowers safe from the hackers. Here, you will find a description of the ways and methods in which we use the information that we collect from you.

Anonymous Browsing

You can arrive on Payday Poolas a visitor and enjoy surfing the pages in anonymity. You do not have to tell us your whereabouts for spending your time here.

We do not share your information with third party

We do not sell, rent or exchange any information with any third party. Hence, the details that you give us here will not be passed on to any third party for the benefit of the company.

We do have to release certain details of our borrowers to the lenders. It allows us to locate the most appropriate loan and to support the borrower in the most lucrative way. You need not worry about the safety of your data because we work with highly sincere lenders.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies. These tiny files are placed on the users' devices so that certain information related to their browsing practices can be collected.

We use this data for tweaking the features on our site so that on their later visits, the borrowers find their experience on our site apt for their needs and preferences. We also use cookies for security and if you have doubts about the harmlessness of the cookies, you can disable them directly on your browser.

Go to the help section of the browser and find the relevant steps for disabling the cookies. However, please remember that this step may disqualify you from getting access to some of our commendable features.

Information Asked for

We will ask only that data from you, which we require for providing you with the best cash services. We are committed to not misusing any of the information that you enter on the website. We will utilize the personal data for

  • Communicating with you and processing your loan request
  • Offering you with the services that you need from us
  • Maintenance of your records with us
  • Intimating you about the various upcoming offers and additional service that we keep bringing from time to time

Services of associates and authorized parties

We do use the services of other third parties for handling the loan arranging duties and responsibilities. We do share the borrowers' information with them whenever it is found that doing so will fetch better cash services for the borrowers.

These third parties are our trusted partners that are bound to follow our privacy policy meant to protect the identities of our borrowers.

Data Safety

We, at Payday Pool take data security seriously and that is why we use highly secure managerial, physical and electronic techniques to protect the information that we collect. We do not transmit data randomly to any third party. Hence, there is no chance of the information falling into unscrupulous hands and being misused.

Whatever particulars you enter into your device reaches us in encrypted form and is free from being stolen or lost during the transit. If you make suitable settings on your browser, you will be able to know that the data is being sent in a secure format.

We may have to disclose the borrowers' information if needed to the governmental agencies. In other cases, we take permission from the relevant borrowers.

In case, you cease using our services, we will destroy your data permanently making it inaccessible to any unscrupulous third party. We, at Payday Pool can make changes to the privacy policy whenever we decide or it is needed by law.

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