Responsible Lending

Warning about borrowing

We believe in ethical and transparent transactions!!!

We, at Payday Pool, practice the policy of responsible lending. There are three main points in this policy:

  • that our borrowers do not face any trouble while repaying the loan amount
  • that we offer an affordable sum to our borrowers and it addresses their urgent needs
  • that we always extend support to our borrowers when they make an application for the payday loanswhen they need help regarding repayments.

In order to stay true to the policy, we require our borrowers to provide us with the details of their income and expenditure in the online application form.

We also conduct independent verification of the particulars so provided. By going through the borrower's profile, we are able to arrange the best cash option.

We believe in being sincere towards our borrowers. That is why we like to be very clear regarding every aspect of the lending process. We do not hide any information from our borrowers so that they can enjoy the cash assistance without any rude shocks.

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